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  1. Frau_Blooka says:

    LMFAO!!! Once again classic and comic gold guys! Well done!!!

    Thank you! We aim to please.

    – Thing 1

  2. treadhead00 says:

    I would really like if WG could, at a minimum, get the current MM to work. When one team has twice as many heavys, they have an unfair advantage in HP. For the heavy deficient team to have a chance, it is to map dependent and requires a level of coordination that is lacking in pub battles. It is a thing of beauty though when a pub team gets its act together and pulls off the upset.

    Lately, the MM is simply off-the-hook bad. It’s beyond bad in fact. Now, according to more than a few people, they have the ability to change the MM at will to do anything they want, they simply refuse to do it.

    For instance, how long have people been begging to cap arty at 2 or 3 per side? They sit there and cry rivers that it can’t be done. Meanwhile, on their other game when people bitched about carriers, low and behold they INSTANTLY limit carriers to two per side. Poof. Done. Instantly.

    When people bitched about how hard it is for new players, Wargaming said in effect: tough shit. There’s nothing we an do. Over on their other game when people said the same thing they instantly make the tier spread +/-1 from T1 to T4. Poof. Done. Instantly.

    World of Tanks is run by a bunch of sadistic assholes that simply can’t admit they’re wrong. That’s why the game is the shit fest it is today and why so many people have simply given up playing it and moved on.

    – Thing 1

  3. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    I sometimes think that we are the guinea pigs, or rather the test subjects that are like crash dummies left behind to be experimented on for the other games. Seriously, I’m not joking. It’s as if we are being subjected to some forum of a psychological test lab experiment, or some sort of controlled study of sorts. Being probed and studied under a controlled conditioned study? We are being told one thing, but being feed one thing entirely different in game. And just look what happens on the forum? Customer support is another controlled experiment, of misdirection, misinformation, or outright being told one thing, while their practicing something else completely.

    Meanwhile, come’s marching in the situation with the Match Maker. We keep getting these teenage kid arguments on the why there cannot be a skill based Match Maker, or even a hybrid forum of balanced Match Maker to stop the un-balanced blow out matches, with the uncontrollable long-Losing-streaks, or some way to moderate these de-stabilizing super-platooning, bombs being dropped on the Match Maker every single hour at different population levels.

    These constant missions being rigged up and down, with all these micro-patches being dropped in behind the scenes constantly making chances to the Match Maker making local adjustments according to missions parameters per server.

    Another issue is that the NA server does not show any reason to project growth beyond where it is now. Simply, creating new tank lines (ex: Swedish tanks) is simply a new motivator to keep veteran tankers grinding and spending money to free XP, money to hurry up and get the “Window Licking” swede tanks to hurry up and pad WN8 stats, while their OP, before the early nerfs come in, so they can be “Kewl” with their Wot Labs buddies. Outside of that, they will keep making more Perms to drag in as much money as they can.

    My point is, how are you going to keep the low tiers populated with more people coming in? It’s like college, you have to bring lots of people, because you’re going to lose so many people out of that initial freshman class after a while. Only so many are going to stay. Another words, there is a retention rate % of how many you keep?

    You know you’ve made a good post when you raise more questions than you can possibly answer.

    – Thing 1

  4. treadhead00 says:

    Player loss is another topic that the shills adamently deny. I log on about the same time every day and I know the numbers are down roughly 20-25% from what they were 2-3 years ago.

    Actually, Gomez_Adams did a thread with all the math on that a few weeks ago on the WoT main forum. The decrease is actually 38% since 2013.

    – Thing 1

  5. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    One of the top NA population “Deniers” is a shill called Striker_70. He will deny any claims that the NA population even came close to the published record of 64K for the peak amount at one time on the NA server just prior to Jan 2014. Wargaming published a News Announcement on the NA Forum in the news section which officially stated that claim with data. Most of us knew that already, even before that was published even that the population had in fact reached those levels. We knew the source to be correct when it was posted officially on the NA forum by Wargaming. It stayed there for a good while, and for several, several weeks the link was included in many threads which were made discussing the NA server population. It was rather plentiful in those threads. Well, it was sometime in the early summer time frame of this year I believe, some of us, had more discussions about this, and low an behold when we tried to access those threads, and the main news article, we discovered it was Gone!!

    Actually, all the threads, the news article with the 64K population were removed. Cherry picked clean, removed from the entire forum. Stricken from the NA forum no where to be found! During that posting period upon that thread suddenly Striker_70 shows up claiming, ha ha, I bet you can’t find your population threads, or your information anymore now. I dare you, just try!! LOL. That was his comment completely. I knew right then an there what had happened. A rat in Denmark had just crawled out of a hole! Striker_70 knew/ or had something to do with what was going on behind the scenes of how the threads vanished? All proof of the population discussions, hours of comments, post, threads, records, etc had been cherry picked, eradicated from the NA forum discussions. Wiped Clean. And from that point on ward Striker_70 runs around calling everyone “Liars”, Mis-information spreaders cause there is no proof to contradict his version of the concocted misinformation campaign he spins. Striker_70 has never even heard of a WG News Post which showed the peak NA population at 64K, he never saw any such threads of discussions, or links, or anything like that. All he knows is that everyone has no proof, he only knows that their memories are LIE’S, an his fabrications of fiction are the real McCoy. They are there to hurt the NA, by having a memory of the Truth, according to Striker_70.

    The Mad World of Stiker_70 never ends with the denials on the once growing NA population that seemed at one time to be going somewhere, which has become all to obvious to many now that it has shrunk to the size it has now. Yes, Striker_70 is your Go-To-Denier on population when it come’s to telling the masses when a ship is sinking as the rats are jumping, that no rat should jump, but go down with his ship while believing every word Striker_70 is telling you. It will only come to an end when Striker_70 stands alone on the NA server on the final day the server is shutdown, or finally merged with another server. And then he’ll still try to convince you he never said, or denied the population was static the whole time, or anything was ever wrong. ~sigh~

  6. FlorbFnarb says:

    Oh lol.

    This place takes the cake. No really, it’s hilarious. Sad that Neatoman always worked so hard to actually do the math and explain things to you people, but you desperately need to believe the game is rigged to make you lose.
    Kinda sad to see the fragile egos that can’t accept they might not be any good, but it is what it is.

    You could always put some effort in to learn how to play the game, but I suppose it’s easier to cry and pretend you’re being cheated.

    This coming from the moron that posted this:

    I’m fucking tired of the first couple matches being almost guaranteed losses. Last night, first two matches were losses. Today, first FOUR matches were losses. I randomly draw the weaker team four times in a row – first three were basically lost in the first sixty to ninety seconds, and only the fourth was even possible to win.


    Sell your crazy-assed hypocrisy someplace else, dipshit.

    – Thing 1

  7. PrinzEugen85 says:

    Howdy Florb, did you get that crap box of yours to run WoT yet?

    LOL! I know, right?

    – Thing 1

  8. Insurrectional_Leftist says:


    Florby, He escaped again!! LOL.. 🙂 He’s on the rampage again. Good Ole Florb. He’s on a mission again, on a night Labs recon mission. The World of Florb.

  9. mp31b30q9 says:

    This bag of shit I’ve asked around 10 times for him to link “proof” of WarGouging testing Skill Based Match Maker (SBMM) on any medium such as a test server, Supertesting etc.


    It’s the same ole regurgitated bullshit you would think he’s a fucking 9 year old. The sad part? He(?) claims to be a stat expert yet isn’t even remotely interested in finding/seeing data on SBMM tests allegedly conducted by WarGouging.

    It’s WarGouging “said so” with Repeatoman, oh just call him RepeatoMan as he repeats WarGouging talking points, that is his solo responsibility on the forums.

  10. Thing 1 says:

    They all do that. They’re the first ones to yell “post proof” and when you do they then go off on the bullshit premise that it’s not statistically relevant.

    Right. Everybody should have to sink 5 years of their life and 35,000 games to find out it’s fucking bullshit.

    Most rational people can find that out in less than 100…which is why no new players are hanging around at all and haven’t been for years. The only new players Wargaming gets are stat whore rerolls.

  11. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    So, someone let him out of his cage again when it come’s to another Match Maker thread once again. Like clock work here he is again. The defender of the Wargaming patent Software*, with why we are all wrong, wearing our tin foil hats. And why the whole community is full of shit, but him and Wargaming once again.

    You see Thing 1 why you and all the rest of us are so full of shit ? How does it feel to be full of shit, proven beyond a shadow of doubt by the great Neatoman?

    Or by his better known name, “RepeatoMan” …..

  12. Thing 1 says:

    He’s a fucking douchebag.

  13. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    I mean really, I just told him over there a few mins ago to take ownership for his BS, and his Sarcasm that he was caught with on the forum. RepeatoMan’s level for endless MM hipocrisy and dochebaggery deniel of the WG Patent riggery are inflamous!

    If the freeze dried him until after WWIII and they revived him, he would start defending the Wargaming MM patent software instantly. People would be stunned decades later. They would be like, “What’s a Wargaming MM Patent Software Match Maker?” 🙂

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