Wargaming Staff: A Lesson in Ineptitude

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  1. Tsavo says:

    Actually, my signature is within the rules:
    -5 lines of text
    -no URLs (those are Hyperlinks in my sig)
    http://i.imgur.com/WWvMQN6.png You’ll see the current rules in place in that pic

    Nobody ever said that it was illegal at all. Nobody ever once suggested that. Once again, being the complete, utter, blithering idiot you are, you don’t read or look at anything. You instantly jump on the defensive because of the bullshit way you live your life.

    Try actually reading the article again. Never once does Gomez even suggest your sig is illegal. He simply wonders why the sig rules state that no links are allowed, that he was sanctioned for having a single link in his, and yours has several links in it and nothing was ever done about it at all.

    All he ask for was a clarification. Sadly, complete village idiots at Wargaming and fucktards like your dumb ass can’t read a simple ticket.

    – Thing 1

  2. Tsavo says:

    So my previous comment showing you exactly how the signature is within the rules listed in settings gets removed? C’mon guys, at least be transparent.

    Contrary to what those voices in that echo chamber you call a head are telling you, we’re not only not obsessed with your stupid ass, this is not a full time job for any of us. We do this whenever we get around to it.

    However, your ongoing obsession with us is quite flattering as well as entertaining. We’ll just leave this here for you too:
    Watch which IP you're using.

    – Thing 1

  3. Aldus says:

    WHOA! The stupid fuck posted from his work!?!?!

    Doubtful. Nobody’s that stupid. But then again…

    At any rate, they are now aware. So if he does work there, that’s going to be interesting in a few weeks time I think.

    – Thing 1

  4. Tsavo says:

    Cool, personal threats. Also, that’s the University’s gateway IP (all outside networks see that) so file away. Congrats on, you know, actually going after someone personally. Accusation of a felony, that’s mature.

    So is spamming shit under multiple IP’s after you’ve been shown the door several times. It’s laughable how you try to play the victim when you’re the one spamming crap from every single computer you can get your hands on. You’re the textbook example of obsessed. It’s actually got to the point of full bore hilarity.

    And we’re well aware that’s the university’s gateway. Now they know too, and with your description, a picture of your cubicle and a picture of you attached, they just MIGHT eventually find out which terminal it was made from.

    Then again, they may not care.

    Sleep tight.
    – Thing 1

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