Wargaming: Their Anime Crowd and the Promotion of Child Pornography

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  1. Mr_Alex says:

    @Thing1 and Gomez

    The HSF (High School Fleet) ships have been released and the mods in the WOWS NA and EU forums have been routinely deleting threads where players were protesting the inclusion of such ships, bans have been issued as well


  2. Thing 1 says:

    Perverts will be perverts. Oh fucking well.

  3. Gomez_Adams says:

    On the bright side, at least they actually implemented my idea on having a button to turn all of it off. So, thankfully, I wont see any of it.

    I still find the motives of marketing a show for teenagers to a known audience made up of primarily full-blown adult males more than a bit suspect.

  4. Thing 1 says:

    Well, the 50 year old perverted pedophiles will be happy. At least Wargaming hasn’t lost that part of the demographic.

  5. Gomez_Adams says:

    I’ve been playing Fallout 4 I got on sale on Steam. I don’t miss Wargaming’s worthless crap one single bit.

  6. Mr_Alex says:

    @Gomez_Adams and Thing1 and Insurrectional_Leftist

    I just can’t wait to see the collapse come, that high school fleet stuff basically shows how low Wargaming will stoop just to gain players also on WGNA, the mods are busy deleting threads where people are voicing their opposition of such content showing up in game

  7. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    Their also internet black listing this site on IP providers where ever they can also, to try and shut this site up where ever they can to in order to silence and shut people up where they can to. They going to great lengths to ban the website, despite all their false promises to the community after the Sir Foch incident not to do it anymore also! Their a pack of LIARS 1st class. Wargaming lies so bad their teeth are rotting out! They promise not to DMCA anyone in the community, then they turned around and started a blacklist on IP providers to blackout the website address. Only a desperate low life trash slime ball outfit does that.

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