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  1. Donward says:

    On top of all of this, LaceyLace is a Wehraboo shitter.

    We suspected as much, but didn’t really have the hard evidence. Thanks for posting.

    – Thing 1

  2. Malcolm Fox says:

    Laceylace is truly a lovely person.

    Thanks for this. We’ll tack these images on to his profile page immediately.

    – Thing 1

  3. KruggWulf says:

    I think OP is just mad he got super slammed in the 1v1 smackdown john cena WWE match last nite

    Ahhhhhh…the post of a guy living in a trailer out back of his parents house, sleeping with his sister, drinking Early Times, waving a rebel flag, looking out for UFO’s and blaming Obama for not finding any.

    Thanks for posting. We need a bit of comic relief around here.

    – Thing 1

  4. Lacey says:

    Yo you didn’t even show my picture or anything. Did you look at recent content then make your entire argument about that?

    The fact is you’re such a blatant shill and complete asshole, that you post things every single day like that. We didn’t have to dig. We didn’t have to go back in time. You’re a 24/7 horses ass. We can get material from you minute by minute.

    – Thing 1

  5. SchnitzelTruck says:

    So I hear this site is the new safe space for the mentally deficient? Good to know!
    (you have donward here, so that’s a given)

    And you are here too! How about that!

    – Thing 1

  6. Lacey says:

    I’m a complete asshole because I speak my mind.

    No. You’re a complete asshole because you’re a complete asshole. We agree completely on that. If that’s what’s on your mind, try reading a book. Maybe then you’ll get something into your head you can discuss other than being an asshole.

    – Thing 1

  7. STP says:

    This is another perv that uses pictures of girls that aren’t him and says they’re him. He posted one pic a few years ago on Wotlabs forums saying it was him and then he posted another pic on the Tanks forum on his rage against this site saying it was him. They’re two different girls. He’s so stupid he forgot he posted a different girl as himself the first time.

    We’re not the least bit surprised. When you start living a lie, you eventually wind up lying so much you can’t keep your lies straight. Any link to those images?

    – Thing 1

  8. Blackgunner says:

    LaceyLace actually posted a whole thread about herself once. Detailing her time in the german army. It was in off topic somewhere.

    Well, that’s not the story we’re getting at all from more than a few people; and frankly, the story we’re getting is a hell of a lot more credible than the complete bullshit we’re getting from his buddies.

    Then again, when you surround yourself with men pretending to be women posting pictures of anime little girls, do you really expect for most people to think any differently?

    – Thing 1

  9. Xreallyxcoolx says:

    She explained that the old pictures was what she used due to insecurities. Her picture for the clan IOC were her irl. So that kinda proves the whole picture thing…

    Yea. Sure. Right. That’s why he doesn’t comment on any of his replays and has his alter ego uberdice do it? That’s why he hasn’t posted an updated picture in years to clarify the situation? That’s why not even his good friends are really sure one way or the other?

    He’s cold busted pal. He took a pic of a girl at a friends house and the lady from across the street and used it as his ID. He’s the same perverted anime screwball like all his buddies that all pretend to be women in order to get people to like them.

    – Thing 1

  10. Xreallyxcoolx says:

    What friends? Most of her friends are in agreement on her being a girl. The info you get is from people not her friends.

    He’s the one posting different pictures. He’s the one already caught lying. He’s the one making excuses. You really expect people to just magically start believing him now? That’s the problem with lying: once you start, it’s nearly impossible to ever have anybody take anything you say at face value again.

    While we do appreciate your friendship with him and your defending him, you’ll have to forgive us for simply calling bullshit on it.

    – Thing 1

  11. Avalon304 says:

    I mean… dont let facts stand in your way guys… like the fact that both Uberdice and Laceylace have been seen playing at the same time on a livestream, while being on completely different portions of the map. I mean don’t let that stop you from filling this loony bin to the brim with crazy theories. Its provided me with hours and hours of laughs, reading the stuff you call “evidence”.

    We didn’t say they were the same people, somebody else did. We were actually looking into it and so far haven’t found the evidence to support it, which is why we haven’t posted it as fact.

    Then again, if you would learn to read, you’d know that already.

    – Thing 1

  12. Lacey says:

    Im still trying to figure out how anyone believes this crazy shit that you post. The only thing I can come up with is that anyone who believes it must have edited or be have eaten lead paint as a child.

    As opposed to the crazy, offensive, insulting, unsubstantiated shit you post? Has it ever once occurred to you that it’s the very people you THINK are your buddies that are telling us this?

    Of course it hasn’t, Lacey. You must be a lead paint eater yourself on top of being a liar.

    – Thing 1

  13. treadhead1 says:

    Wargaming NA is based in San Francisco, do you really need to say more than that when it comes to deviant sexual behavior?,

    With all due respect, this has nothing to do with being a homosexual. Homosexuals are generally up front, honest and very open about who they are and what they like. We don’t have a problem with that.

    What we do have a problem with are grown men masquerading as little girls while at the same time supporting a medium that exploits children and supports child pornography and helps to support the enslavement of child sex slaves world wide.

    We have a BIG damn problem with that.

    – Thing 1

  14. treadhead00 says:

    I got issues with the anime also. I was a real tanker in the army and to have all this little girl/sissy shit associated with something that is very macho in real life is bullshit. Most of the real life tankers I knew were hard drinking, pussy chasing, ass-kicking sons of bitches and would curb stomp these anime girlie men.

    You’re not the only one that feels that way. Unfortunately, this agenda is pushed from the very top of the corporate ladder. We still to a man can’t wrap our head around how anybody thought this would appeal to the masses. We’ve also come to the conclusion that all of this is done “in the closet”. One of the tipoffs to that is Wulfehound, who literally bombarbed Gomez_Adams with messages begging for him to take down his page.

    It was a pathetic display, and one that proves he doesn’t want anybody in the real world seeing it because he doesn’t want anybody knowing what he does. That, in and of itself, removes all doubt of what’s really going on.

    – Thing 1

  15. treadhead00 says:

    He/she curses like a native speaker of American English. Europeans speak more of a English style English. Also, American slang is hard for foreigners to pick up, let alone cussing/cursing in the manner that is displayed in the above post. If the person is actually a German, I applaud them for their knowledge of our language.

    He’s not German. Not even close. In fact, he doesn’t even speak German. One of us actually busted him using a Google German translator to pretend he was German. Only translators come up with the nonsensical crap he’s posted trying to pass it off as German.

    Point in fact: Just about everything Lacey has ever said about himself is completely false.

    – Thing 1


    Well, well, well…look what we have here: Tsavo’s roommate popping by to leave a little love letter for us. Wonderful. Well, how about this?

    We now know who you are, dumbass. You just can’t quit, can you? You just can’t bring it upon yourself to let shit go. You and Tsavo both deserve each other in that shit blue house you live in.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to Mr. Brandon Rhody aka Laceylace. Finally, we have the he to go with the he-she we’ve always known about but didn’t quite nail down the identity of.

    We’ll update your page in just a second with this new info and a few pictures, Brandon.

    Hugs & Kisses

    – Thing 1

  17. Whisky A Go Go says:

    Holy hell. How the flying fuck do these guys survive in the real world? Un-god-damed-beleiveable.

    Brother, we wish we knew. Actually, no we don’t.

    – Thing 1

  18. STP says:

    Holy shit it just never ends with these assholes.

    Apparently not.

    – Thing 1

  19. Aldus says:

    You have GOT to be kidding me! LMFAO!!! Oh man this is beyond ridiculous!!!

    We were thinking more along the lines of absolutely pathetic, but yea. We agree.

    – Thing 1

  20. Laceylace aka Brandon Rhody says:

    So am I uberdice as you said earlier and we’re convinced of it. Or am I this Brandon guy?

    Let’s review what we said on the page just above your bullshit you refuse to read, shall we?

    If that turns out to be true…
    If this is true, they…

    Nowhere did we ever say we were convinced of anything…until you just posted and removed all doubt, Brandon. Funny…you don’t look half as stupid as you post.

    Besides, we now know who uberdice is as we were able to match his picture to a person on Tsavo’s Facebook friends list. But since uberdice hasn’t made a complete ass of himself by screwing with this site non-stop like Tsavo did, we’re not the least bit interested in screwing with him in any way.

    – Thing 1

  21. treadhead00 says:

    They look like they would be good first candidates for the bear grease wrestling that G-series proposed.

    And there’s a mental image I think we could have all done without. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    – Thing 1

  22. Insurr_Leftist says:

    OMG…This is all starting to make sense now! The constant harassment, and attacks on the NA forum I’ve been getting, the stalking, the creepy shadowing, the weird trolling, ” An the whole time we were being accused of wearing Tin Foil Hats?”…. This is simply incredible! All of you readers out, “Can all you more understand why the NA forum is creeped out now?” And Toxified the way it is?

    You know something I really do hope the WGNA staff indeed does come over to read this section, so they can get a better picture of what is going on under the roof of their forum. Then again, “What hell is going on under the roof of that Blue House?” Wait..! On 2nd thought, ” I don’t want to know!” ๐Ÿ™ Just wait until G-series finds out about this stuff? Oh, the humanity of it…

    If they’ve been harassing you in PM’s, Wargaming will not do a thing about it. They don’t moderate PM’s so they’re free to harass you all they want. You’ll have to put them on ignore in your settings and block PM’s from them. Also make sure you disable posting on your account profile page or they’ll start messaging you there as well.

    Then send us all the shit they’ve been hitting you with. We’ll get it up pronto.

    – Thing 1

  23. Insurr_Leftist says:

    PS. WOT LABs will have a field day with this, don’t they have those behind closed doors Shenanigan’s sub-forum areas for stuff like this? Their always on the prowl for this kind of stuff. Damn, and Havok Clan will be under all kinds of scrutiny by labs, and the other clans too. Damn, _Tsavo’s Furry friends have really done it this time! Wow, no wonder they spent their waking days an nights breaking rules causing unrest on forums, and subverting the NA forums over at Wargaming also. :O

    Yes, they have a secret section to their forum.
    Yes, we have a couple of people there that tell us what’s going on.
    No, we typically don’t give a shit as it’s a bunch of crying and bitching by the same assholes.

    Frankly, the NA WoT forums have gotten a lot quieter lately. Hell, just Tsavo’s dumb ass being gone has shut the troll factor down by a factor of 10 at least.

    – Thing 1

  24. _Nolan says:

    Cuts… cuts deep.

    Ugly? Sure, but fat?! ‘Cmon…

  25. Scorpiany says:

    Let me shed some light on Lacey based off of what I know.

    First things first – The second picture is her. The first and third are both former classmates. Third one is also currently her secretary working for her. The last picture is uberdice; a friend she often Platoons with. Two seconds of research will show you this. I’ve Platooned with them – While they’re in the same Platoon. Also, Lacey does stream – Just not to the public. She and uberdice are beyond of a shadow of a doubt different people. Knowing both of them, they’re very painfully different. The claims in this article are slander towards her. That being said…

    The reason I say painfully different, is because what is true about Laceylace is her toxicity on the Forums. I wouldn’t call her a corporate shill – That’s not her intent. She has a “I’m better than you because I suck it up and deal with it” kind of mindset though. She doesn’t acknowledge problems with the game, because she believes that it should be just dealt with by the players; not the company.

    She would frequently get herself banned when she and I used to Platoon a couple years back, because of her extremely short temper. She doesn’t seem to TK as much, but she has no problems going on tirades in-game or on the Forums. I’m honestly really surprised she hasn’t been chat-banned yet. With the things she’s said, it’s actually shocking to me that her account hasn’t been sanctioned in any way as far as I know.

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