Monthly Archive: September 2016


Profile: Daigensui (aka Sumeragi)

The story of Daigensui (aka Sumeragi) is, at best, a lengthy one worthy of an entire volume. While we’ll not get into doing our level best impersonation of Leo Tolstoy, we will attempt to...


Profile: Laceylace

Laceylace isn’t what you’d call a troll. He/she/it is what can only be referred to as the most blatant, wanton corporate shill to ever hit the internet. Not surprisingly, he/she/it actually turns out to...

Warpack – The All-In-One Cheaters Resource 1

Warpack – The All-In-One Cheaters Resource

Warpack has been around since at least 2012, and has been the subject of rumor, speculation, and outright denial. Any mention of it on the official forum will get you a permanent ban. Any...