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  1. Tsavo says:

    Comedy gold. 10/10 would read again.


  2. icedbroom says:


    Unfortunately, your status as a known troll is non-existent. You’ll have to up your game I’m afraid.
    – Thing 1

  3. doomslinger says:

    Am I included on your troll list?; If not, I will have to upgrade my trolling level.

    At this time, you are not on the radar.
    – Thing 1

  4. the_dastardly_canuck_rob says:

    I need to shit post more often to make the list

    Most definitely.
    – Thing 1

  5. Tjtod says:

    As a League player as well I am quite disappointed to have not made the toxic goon squad, guess I need to play more LoL to up my toxicity game.

    Well, the first thing you have to do is actually be a league player. You presently aren’t. The next thing you have to do is actually be good at the game. You aren’t. Then once you’re good at the game you have to start insulting anybody and everybody you come in contact with, which at present you’re not doing. So there’s your “to do” list.
    – Thing 1

  6. Ponce De LePWN says:

    All I know for sure is that Treila50 and SymbosisBC are both Trannies looking for a hot beef injection.

    While we wont bother asking exactly how you know that, it is interesting information.
    – Thing 1

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ponce I weep for you with G molesting you and you having to toss salads to be of use to the football team

    Thank you for the “coffee meets keyboard” moment this morning.
    – Thing 1

  8. Blackgunner says:

    I’m actually somewhat amazed. With all the crap I’ve done on the forums, I was sure someone would have a field day ragging on me.

    The jury is still out on you. We don’t think you’re the typical stat padding whore / Wargaming shill at this point.
    – Thing 1

  9. Blackgunner says:

    I’ve really been disapointed. I come here everyday to find the newest articles and lately there haven’t been any. I know there are more trolls out there!

    ~Eagerly awaiting more profiles~

    Patience, young grasshopper…patience.

    – Thing 1

  10. treadhead00 says:

    Another dweeb who looks like the last time he had pussy was when pussy had him.

    You’re assuming he’s actually been with a woman? You’re giving him a lot more benefit of doubt than we do.

    – Thing 1

  11. treadhead00 says:

    Read what I am saying, last time he was in a vagina was when his mother giving birth. But that might not be true either, because since he is so ugly he could be a test tube baby screw-up where the scientist forgot to add a chromosome or something.

    Completely missed that. We see your point.

    – Thing 1

  12. Aldus says:

    LMFAO!!! Oh man!!! I’m going to call up there tomorrow and ask for his ass every hour on the hour! This is fucking great!!!

    Knock yourself out. Just don’t forget, when they say there’s nobody there by that name (Tsavo), describe him. Tell them it’s important. Maybe with luck you’ll actually be able to speak to him.

    Let us know how it works out.

    – Thing 1

  13. STP says:

    What an idiot. What a complete fucking idiot. If you’re doing this shit from work man you got some serious issues.

    No argument here. The funny part is that he actually thinks that he’s the victim in all this. Never mind he admits openly that he’s an asshole. Never mind he openly admits he abuses people and insults them. Never mind he admits all of that shit. He then has the gall to set up bogus accounts on our forum, spam it with shit and troll it, breaking once again every rule he agreed to.

    So he gets banned. Twice.

    But that’s STILL not enough for this asshole. He just simply can’t stand not being able to spew his bullshit all over the place. He’s so fucking obsessed with it all that he does it from work and gets them involved in it.

    Now he’s said he’s called the cops. He’s so full of shit it’s ridiculous. I hope he has. I honestly hope to God he’s really that stupid. Once they find out that it’s HIM initiating all of this shit, HIM making all the contact, HIM posting all his shit online, they’ll fire his ass instantly and point and laugh at him on his way out the door.

    – Thing 1

  14. Aldus says:

    Holy hell. This guy just gets more and more stupid. He’s going to call the police for his own fuckups? Holy shit man. It’s like this guy that was drunk as hell at the drive through calling the cops because they were closed and wouldn’t serve him. That worked out really good for his dumb ass too.

    That’s exactly the case here. This idiot is so obsessed and so blindly hateful that he can’t see that it’s his fault all this shit went down.

    The clincher for me is how he cries to his buddies about how he “leaves it behind” when he logs off. What a bunch of bullshit. If he left it behind, his ass would never have come here to begin with, never spammed shit in the forum, never set up multiple accounts, never used multiple IP’s to keep accessing the site after being banned twice and he CERTAINLY wouldn’t have brought his god damn place of employment into the mix.

    I’m serious – this guy has some big time issues and needs some extensive therapy. Big time.

    – Thing 1

  15. Prinzeugen85 says:

    WGNA, play for the tanks, stay for the crazy? : /

    It certainly seems that way lately, doesn’t it?

    – Thing 1

  16. Thing 1 says:

    Zeman_Bastogne, did you really think you’d escape with a simple name change? That’s not going to happen pal. You’re going to have to start over and learn a new skill: Keeping your mouth shut.

    You’re going to have to do much, much better than that to get away, asshole. I’m watching every single move you make like a hawk everywhere you go in the WoT community.

    Sleep tight, asshole.

  17. Aldus says:

    Holy shit man!!! That’s so fucking funny!!! Name change and it’s posted here the next day. What the hell was the point on his part? LOL! That poor bastard! LMMFAO!!!!!

    Well, he’s probably trying to hide it from his work. He certainly doesn’t want them following a bread crumb trail to all the shit he’s been up to on work computers.

    He’s an idiot though. IT will have a record of everywhere his system has gone and everything he typed as well. They’ll have backups of all the images he used, everything he deleted from his system, and everything else that goes with it. You can’t hide shit on a system like that…or any system for that matter. Even when you delete it, it’s still there.

    We’ll just keep his name updated for them as well for when we start sending out our mails next week to the different departments of Point Park University. All it is for us is a couple of point and clicks, and the trail to all his bullshit will be just as clear as it was before.

    – Thing 1

  18. AyyLmao says:

    You idiots realize that Doxxing is a felony right?
    Enjoy the report to the FBI.

    You realize we are fully aware of the law and are quite confident in our counsels advice, don’t you?
    Enjoy talking shit in the middle of the night with nothing to back it up, loser.

    – Thing 1

  19. Yuri_Doujinshi says:

    I’ve insulted plenty of mentally inept conspiracy theorists in my time on the WoT forums. Can I be listed as a troll too?

    Since you have the reputation of…well…nothing, and we’ve never seen nor heard of you, no. I’m afraid you’ll have to up your game considerably. (At least to the point somebody somewhere mentions you in passing at the very least.)

    – Thing 1

  20. treadhead00 says:

    Don’t rat Tsavo out. It is better to keep him around for all the bullshit material he provides. Keep the good times rolling.

    That’s the problem: we didn’t. He did.

    – Thing 1

  21. Aldus says:

    I think I found his name. I think it’s Thomas Deleted. If it is he’s really stupid. If you Google the new name he used his avatar comes up on some weird assed anime site next to that name. It even has his Verizon phone number listed. Surely nobody is that damn stupid!!!

    Ok, this is the part where it gets dicey. Scaring the flying shit out of him and getting all his little buddies panties in a wad by posting very generic, non-personal information and posting a bogus, Photoshopped screen shot of his college feedback form is one thing. Posting his real name, although allowable under the law (if that is in fact his real name) is pushing it.

    No personal numbers pal. I’m not shitting. I’ll come down on you like a ton of fucking bricks you post his personal number here.

    – Thing 1

  22. Aldus says:

    Damn man. Sorry. Didn’t mean to piss you off.

    No worries. You haven’t “pissed us off”. Fact of the matter is we’ve known his real name, his home address, his cell phone number, his direct line at work, his work email, the building he works in, his official title and more for a while now.

    We know it all pal. If we wanted it posted, we’d do it ourselves. Just lay off it.

    – Thing 1

  23. STP says:

    [email protected] the new pic! Well at least that explains his physique. Where on earth are you getting pictures of him? How the hell are you doing that?

    It’s all public information. That particular image came from his Facebook page and is by far our favorite. He puts it all out there and grants permission for anybody to view it, so the situation is quite literally that he is giving all of the images and information to us.

    – Thing 1

  24. spacedude says:

    so it seems wg has deleted every post tsavo or bostogne had made. did they also ban him?
    or did they reset his account so he cant be tracked?
    his posts are still up in wows.

    They deleted all his posts so they couldn’t be traced. Doesn’t matter. We knew everything anyway, and most of it came from other places than WoT forum.

    – Thing 1

  25. Zepherex says:

    Yo so I heard you guys traced his IP and found where he works and started planting child porn on him. That’s not cool, it’s a fucking game. I know this whole thing is being run by Insurrection_Leftist, WhiskyAGoGo, and Vladimir’s Revenge. It’s pne thing to make an article and call someone out, it’s another to invade their personal life and try to get them fired. You guys are legit acting like kids despite being fully grown adults.

    You heard wrong, as usual. Nobody “planted” anything. Nobody has done anything except yank his chain the way he yanks everybody elses.

    And for your information, shit for brains, nobody INVADED a thing of his. He’s so fucking stupid, and such a narcissistic douche bag, he just assumed everybody on earth is an idiot.

    HE put his name out there.
    HE kept spamming this site time and time again after being banned multiple times.
    HE didn’t set his Facebook settings properly and made every single thing about him, his friends, and his family visable.
    HE is the fucking idiot that didn’t know when to quit.

    WE haven’t had to invade a damn thing, fucktard. He put it all out there all by himself.

    He ran to you idiots crying like the little bitch he is making up a story and you bought it. Quit being a moron. Wake the hell up.

    – Thing 1

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