20 World of Tanks Lies Exposed – Their Article with Our Commentary

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  1. ArthVex says:

    As an artillery main who has looked at realistic ways of balancing out arty, #17 (having a cap of 1 arty to each side) is something I’ve said for a long time now. 2 per side possibly, but no one likes having more than that. Not the guy playing arty, and not the tankers on the other end of the shell. I would gladly deal with longer queue times for this change.

    That’s been offered up by a great many people. Why Wargaming has flat out refused to do it over the years is anybody’s guess. They do it with aircraft carriers in World of Warships (limit them to two per side) so it’s very easily doable.

    – Thing 1

  2. Luke_Skywalker01 says:

    Warthunder is more of a simulator, World of Tanks is more of a historical arcade shooter…


    …they should stop talking about historical accuracy the way they have, as mentioned above, because they literally validate the points you make, which are valid.

    Though things like the reload time point are obvious things you leave out of the game, it does not mean you (Wargaming) should tout that Korean war tanks and tanks that served in the Vietnam war (American Tier X) can fight the Maus, which as described by the man who designed it as (a pathetic waste of resources fit for the allies we fight).

    10/10 Article dude

    Thank you. We try.

    – Thing 1

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