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  1. doomslinger says:

    I remember reading a lot of those forum posts and to put those replies in proper context, you would have to read the posts Tolos was replying to. He is right in most of his replies. The biggest hypocrites are the bad players who average 1 or 2 shots of damage in tanks and then blame their teams or other players for causing them to lose. There is such a large proportion of the world of tanks playerbase that plays at or near bot levels and blames others for being bad. They are the very definition of the word “hypocrites”.

    Context has nothing to do with being a complete jerk and patent horses ass, which is what Tolos is 90% of the time. And 90% is being kind.
    – Thing 1

  2. Tolos' wife. says:

    Tolos is just a commentator from the top 1% looking back at popular myths, habits, groupthink and conspiracies, and taking a sarcastic view of it, whilst pointing out in the clearest way possible…

    Tolos, on Jul 21 2016 – 18:26, said: “You’re right the MM does pick on your teams….by putting you on them.”

    Thanks for contributing as an unsolicited source and backing up with independent proof our thought he’s a complete asshole.
    – Thing 1

  3. SchnitzelTruck says:

    The fact you have tolos listed as a 10/10 troll automatically discredits your site. One of my favorite forum personalities.

    The lack of Gasai_Yuno here as a Level10 psychopath disturbs me.

    Liking an asshole and hanging out with him doesn’t mean he isn’t an asshole. And we’ve got a good many people in the works. It takes time though, so bear with us.

    – Thing 1

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