Financial Shenanigans – The Financial Fiasco

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  1. Shadora says:

    There are ways to audit WG from what information is available to the general public. The most time consuming would be to look at every premium tank they sell on at any given time and then compare those numbers to a time three months, six months or one year afterwards and see how many they sold for each and multiply by the cost (assume 75% buy the basic tank and not the full tank package).

    This will give you a general idea of the amount they make from premiums. You also would have to know what tanks were promotions and not include them in the amount of revenue from premium tanks. If it is a mixture of promotion and sales, you would have to make an estimate of how many were sold as compared to how many were free from promotions like marathons and giveaways, which can be hard to do.

    What also could be done is get an estimate of how many players play premium accounts from either information given out by WG in the past or from other sources which might track this information. Worst case scenario would be to make an estimate based on the fact that only 25% of players spend money on the game and you would assume half of those buy premium tanks and the other half have premium accounts. Not an exact science, but would give you a good estimate derived from server populations.

    Once you have those two numbers from all servers (premium tank sales and premium accounts) you have a good rough estimate of the revenue WG is bringing in from the game. You would have to also account for any other sales outside of these two items, like boosters, etc., and make rough estimates based on a poll on the forum of who buys these things and then create an estimated percentage based on all server populations that you can use later as populations decrease.

    The Hellenic Bank has changed leadership recently and has shown a loss this quarter. I am currently researching their recent history and who the owners of this bank are. I am looking into stock issues to see if anytime they need money they just do what Tesla does and have another stock offering to dilute shares. Are they suffering perpetual losses? What are their holdings? What is the value of those holdings and what is the risk involved? Their credit rating has recently went from CCC to B-. The companies that rate credit ratings are often just part of the large “one hand washes the other garbage that goes on in financial industries,” and might serve a purpose. They might be looking to borrow more money and this nicely timed up in their credit rating makes it more likely to do so. I don’t know yet, I have to look more closely at what they typically have done over time.

    I will do some research on the bank to get an idea of how they are doing financially. Could it be a way to wash money? Could it be a tax haven? Could it be a way to transfer assets in a massive shell game? I have to look at who does business with them. Could buying the stake in the bank be WGs way of moving their cash around while maintaining better tax status? Did they buy it in the financial crisis in the hopes of turning a large profit when the economy recovered? Is it an investment or is it used to help the operations of WG as a business entity?

    I will try to find out these things by looking at what this bank does and why companies choose this bank and this country to do business with.

  2. Icon_Charlie says:

    @ Shadora please do and as for being in a massive shell game I would place my money that they are involved in money laundering for the Russian mob. Considering that they went bankrupt in the UK in order to avoid showing their financial records, and secondly owning part of a bank that is considered a haven for Russian Money laundry purposes… Man where in hell have you ever heard that a video gaming company actively owning a bank?


    Down 40% from this time last year in interest of the game.

    One more thing you should know about counting numbers of a player base.

    1. The number of registered players. – These are the numbers that all advertising companies use to bloat their performance. Generally ignore these numbers.

    2. Active player base (per hour) This number is derived by actual counting of the people online using sites such as VB addict. It’s pretty simple. Take for example the NA server. Get the numbers for each hour at the end a 24 hour time period, add them all together and divide by 24 and you will get an accurate(as possible) player count per hour.

    #2 is by far the most important hard core information that it is very hard to discredited. The problem with #2 though that is probably not able to discern how many bots are online AND people using the WoT for watching their Replays. Because you have to sign in with your client to talk to a server and I believe that those contacts (as well as bots) are counted as “players online”

    3. Actual player base. This is by far the hardest to do due to the fact that no company is going to give out that sort of information.

    I believe that there are around 3 million people playing this game I’ve done some numbers myself). The most I can see this company right now can be making is 300 million gross. The least is around 120 million gross.

    I am betting on the lower amount because of approx 60 to 70% of play base come from poor countries. They don’t have the money to pay for it except by cheating. That is why you see so many cheaters on WoT in general.

    Mind this is GROSS profit and not net profit. And I am betting on the 100 million mark as gross profit coming from this game.

    I’ve already repeatedly (at the other forum) what a 40 million registered company is on a game and compared it to WoT 130+ million play base they have stated and using Goggle trends and you can see the BS lies that Wot throws out.

    Do your research and lets find out the real truth on why this company is hiding so many things…

  3. Thing 1 says:

    What Charlie said. That would be fucking epic.

  4. Shadora says:

    I have learned a lot about the bank and it’s likely purpose. I have read many of the regulations for Cyprus and why they chose this location. There is more to it than taxes and investments. I can paint a good picture of its future from it’s recent past. I am new to this site and would like to have permission to create a 3 to 5 part post of WG financial information.

    The first part would be the bank. The bank will be an eye opener. It might need to be 3 parts. There is a lot to it.

    The second subject would be an educated estimate based off of known facts to WG’s revenue for this year where I will try to recreate an income statement from those facts, educated estimates and industry norms.

    Finally, I would like to summarize the previous posts and formulate a reasonable prediction of where this game is heading.

    Note: there will be many links to any facts and I might need to screenshoot some of the quotes. Do you recommend quoting something and providing a link or screenshots with links?

  5. Thing 1 says:

    I am new to this site and would like to have permission to create a 3 to 5 part post of WG financial information.

    Read this.

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