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  1. Thing 1 says:

    They do offer tax breaks and subsidies, but that is ONLY for UK based developers. Wargaming doesn’t apply as they are based in Cyprus.

    The UK office was just an attempt to “be a global player” in the games market. It came to nothing for them, so they shut it down. It had no real significance at all, really. There was no development done there or anything of that nature. It was more of a “PR” office than anything else.

    It, like many other ventures by Wargaming, turned out to be a complete waste of time for them that amounted to, quite literally, less than zero.

  2. Gomez_Adams says:

    Yeah. You can tell that was nothing as there were pretty much zero assets listed in the liquidation paperwork.

    It was, quite literally, an office with a couple chairs, a couple desk, and a computer. That was it.

  3. Icon_Charlie says:

    Good to know. Just figured that since the UK and the Russian Federation has a very strange social and geopolitical situation going on, just figured that they were doing the same thing as they were doing in Cypress. Trying to get themselves established in another country to take advantage of the current tax laws/ benefits.

  4. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    But, that is the things to look for however. You have to think like Wargaming, in order to catch and be able to read between the lines to know what their really up to. There’s always some smoke and mirrors happening, while the real fruit baskets are being handed out in the middle of the night.

    That’s how Wargaming operates. They like to think an feel like they are the “Smartest guys in the room” getting away with a caper. Ex: Enron, Madoff, however that normally are too busy bungeling things up.

  5. Thing 1 says:

    Like that “We’re going to Gencon” bullshit of theirs. Yeah…they’re going…to camp out on the fucking sidewalk mooching off the crowd without actually contributing one goddamned thing to Gencon.

    You know, when you’re bragging about all these 100 million players you’ve got, but you’re so fucking destitute you can’t even afford to be a part of a reputable gaming convention but have to send a half-assed team with a tent out there to mooch off somebody else’s crowd, you have ZERO credibility.

    It just proves you’re COMPLETELY full of shit.

  6. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    And these guys would like to visit the site more often …

    The King of Ultimate Trolls will visit us more often. Even they figure Wargaming has warranted their presence.

  7. Mr_Alex says:

    @Thing1, Gomez, Insurrectional_Leftist

    I have been given two Graf Zeppelin’s to test by WG and can say the 1st one is absolutely OP and how many people are aware that the BB users are now up in arms with pitchforks, torches and etc begging WG not to release the Graf Zeppelin CV with its 3 AP dive bombers with better drop time, also many BB users are complaining that all it takes for a BB to die in WOWS to a single dive bomber squad or 2

  8. Gomez_Adams says:

    I got hammered by one today in my Alabama. Three quarters of my ship gone in a single hit. What’s more, my AA (which Alabama has some of the best AA in the game) was completely worthless. Didn’t shoot down a single plane.

    It was total crap.

  9. Mr_Alex says:

    @Gomez, Thing1 and Insurrectional_Leftist

    If GZ Test 1 becomes the final prduct released, I can assure you that many players will not tolerate it, GZ Test 1 is already causing trouble in WOWS because of its anti BB ability.

  10. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    Holy Cow… Sounds like they are going the same road as in Tanks. OP Money Grabs for sure. I wonder what would happen if Sir Foch was doing the CCing, and coverage in WOWs as he did with the Chrysler story over in Tanks ?

    I could only imagine what he would be saying right now? 🙁

  11. Mr_Alex says:

    @Insurrectional_Leftist, Gomez and Thing1

    Over the weekend when I tested GZ Test 1, I lined up 3x Dive Bomber squads over a Amagi BB, what happened was a single squadron was enough to detonate it and the player who went through the experience got very salty about what happened and based on feedback from the GZ balancing page on FB there is a high chance GZ test 1 could become the final product which a lot of players in WOWS from all server regions are all up in arms about telling WG not to release test 1 as the final product, also another player who I know tested it mentioned test 1 can also easily wipe out DD, CL and even CA easily.

  12. Gomez_Adams says:

    That’s exactly what happened to my Alabama. It didn’t take me out completely, but might as well have.

    I’ve taken 4 torpedoes at once and it didn’t do anywhere near that damage.

  13. Zeedox says:

    Nice to see the crayons marks from last night cleaned up.

  14. Thing 1 says:

    Well, they have nothing better to do in the middle of the night but surf child anime porn and spam forums with same.

    We on the other hand largely sleep. Go fucking figure. One of the web guys smarter than I am said he fixed it to where they can’t do that anymore, so it’s all good.

  15. Gomez_Adams says:

    Well, it must have worked because it’s been nice and calm since then. Well done!

  16. Thing 1 says:

    So look who went crawling over to Wotlabs guys:

    TodSoldat Wotlabs Profile

    3 posts and he’s already fucking negative. LMAO! Anywho, he says he “found his way there”. Yeah. Sure. Right. Fucker has been permabanned by every forum on the internet, so that’s his last place left to go.

    Needless to say, I wasn’t going to leave without saying something:

    Message to Todsoldat

  17. Gomez_Adams says:

    LOL! That’s funny. It is really incredible though that it took them so long to ban him. He was one of the most constantly toxic people ever to post there.

    And for somebody that’s really not that good at all to constantly be that toxic speaks volumes about the type person he is.

    And beating an 18 year old girl. And admitting it. And being proud of it. The guy is about as worthless a human being as I’ve ever come across.

  18. Thing 1 says:


    Big, tough, Nazi girl beater has to run tell mommy.

    Todsoldat response

  19. Zeedox says:

    WoT forums are SJW now?

  20. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    I’m just now seeing this guys. This is hilarious !!! 🙂 is this still posted over there ? I gotta see this LOL

  21. Thing 1 says:

    @Zeedox – apparently, that and crying like little girls over how bad the game is, which is what they tell everybody else they shouldn’t be doing but should just “git gud”, is all they have left.

    @Leftist – It was a PM I sent him. A little bird told me he had created an account there, so I just went to yank his redneck, woman beating, trailer trash chain a bit.

  22. Gomez_Adams says:

    I give him about 3 weeks before they give him the heave ho.

  23. Thing 1 says:

    3 days. Fucker lasted three days. When you’re a douchebag of the level that you can’t last at Wotlabs for three fucking days, then man…you need to just never post anywhere ever again. You need to get out in the real world and find yourself a fucking life.

    todsoldat sucks

  24. Loli_Lives_Matter says:

    It is 2017 and killswitch95 still isn’t on “The Trolls” list at the top?…
    Like he was the worst of them all…

    If you’re really exposing WoT then he’s one of those ones that needs exposing so no “New” players walk into his grasp…

  25. Thing 1 says:

    I had the right to remain silent this morning. Sadly, I didn’t have the ability.

    Rita Twitter Slam

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